Corona / COVID-19

Information about the new Corona Virus / COVID-19
(Status 18.01.2021)


Before you make an appointment in our practice to learn more about Corona, please read the most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

Safety first - I understand that we can currently only respond to personal requests on a limited basis.

We currently have no information about

  • when vaccination will be administered through primary care physicians
  • when people with pre-existing conditions are vaccinated
  • when people with special occupational stresses are vaccinated 

As soon as we receive information from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, we will publish it here.

For all questions concerning Corona, please refer to the website of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.


Abbott’s PanbioTM COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is a reliable and cost-effective antigen test for use by healthcare professionals to detect active coronavirus infections on a large scale to slow the spread of the virus.

Using the proven lateral flow principle, the test  provides results in as little as 15 minutes, without the need for additional diagnostic instruments.

Rapid antigen tests provide critical information at a time in the infection cycle when the risk of spreading the disease is greatest.

The rapid antigen test is a private physician service. It is not covered by health insurance.

Cost 49 Euro (testing and medical certificate included).

The rapid antigen test does NOT replace molecular biology testing by PCR in patients with covid contact or symptoms of covid disease.

negativer Negative detection for SARS-CoV2 (molecular biological test – PCR) may be necessary in some cases, e.g. when traveling to an EU country.

We can issue a certificate of incapacity to work (AU) by telephone up to 14 days. 

The certificate can be collected from us in the afternoon by an authorized representative.

Corona conditionally changed our Acute consultation hour to a purely appointment based consultation hour. You can book an appointment online 24 hours in advance at the earliest.

The acute consultation hour is daily from 09-11 o’clock (Mon-Fri) and is available exclusively for the treatment of acute medical diseases (within 48 hours). For the discussion of longer and less acute medical concerns please choose the appointment consultation hour.

Please do not come to the practice unannounced with an acute treatment request (except for life-threatening diseases).

Safety first – I understand that we are currently only able to respond to personal requests to a limited extent.

Please contact the practice exclusively by phone / e-mail.

The RKI has significantly limited the testing possibilities in order to continue to allow persons at risk to be tested. (Click here for an overview)

Corona testing is only possible with:

  1. Severe respiratory symptoms (e.g. acute bronchitis or pneumonia, shortness of breath or fever),
  2. Acute disturbance of the sense of smell and taste,
  3. Symptoms and contact (KP1) with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  4. Acute respiratory symptoms of any severity and one of the following criteria:
    • membership of a risk group
    • Activities in nursing, medical practice, hospital
    • during symptoms contact with many people OR
    • further (prospectively) close contact to many persons or risk patients after exposure, e.g. events with insufficient compliance with the AHA+L rules OR
    • Contact with persons with acute respiratory disease (in household or cluster of unexplained cause AND 7-day incidence > 35/100,000 OR
    • after exposure, e.g. events with insufficient compliance with the AHA+L rule

ATTENTION: Testing of occupational health staff is not possible via the Friedrichshain family practice.

ATTENTION: Tests without symptoms are subject to a fee.

The districts of Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Neukölln have issued general orders to isolate from Contact persons from Category I, Suspected persons and those positively tested for Corona virus.

The general rulings stipulate, that affected persons in these districts must be immediately placed in domestic isolation without the need for an explicit request by the public health department.

  1. Category 1 Persons. (those in close contact with a person who has tested positive) must immediately go into isolation in accordance with the general ruling of the public health department. The isolation can take place in your apartment or other suitable or delimited part of a building. The place of isolation may not be left without the explicit consent of the public health departmern. If there are no signs of illness, the isolation ends when the time of close contact is at least 14 days previous, i.e. after 14 days.
  2. Positively tested Persons. Isolation ends 10 days after the receipt of test results. If Symptoms of disease occur, isolation ends 10 days after 48 hours without symptoms. 
  3. Suspected persons – Isolation ends when a negative test result is obtained. If the test result is positive, the isolation is continued and the regulations for persons tested positive apply.

An antibody test for corona can be useful if you have probably had a corona infection for 3-4 weeks.
These tests are only in selected cases currently billable through our laboratory at the expense of your health insurance. In order to clarify whether an antibody test can be useful, please make an appointment in our practice.

We currently do NOT offer corona tests for travel returnees. Please contact the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians for test sites.

A negative detection for SARS-CoV2 (molecular biological test – PCR) may be necessary in some cases, e.g. when travelling to an EU country.
The statutory health insurance company will cover the costs for the corona PCR smear when entering Germany from a corona risk area. Certificates are subject to a fee!
All other reasons are considered to be purely private medical services, which we will charge you according to the Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ). In addition to the pure laboratory costs, our private medical services are also charged, from consultation, throat swab to evaluation of the results.

The SARS-CoV2 Antigen Rapid Test is NOT approved as proof of entry into Germany!

So far there is no evidence of an increased infection rate of people with HIV compared to HIV-negative persons (German Aids Society, as of 12.03.2020).

There are currently no reliable data on the severity of the course of the disease: Age, male gender and concomitant diseases (especially of the lung, hypertension and diabetes m.) are the risk factors currently associated with a severe course of COVID-19.

To be on the safe side, the risk of a severe course of COVID-19 should be increased in antiretrovirally untreated individuals and in CD4+ cells below 200/µl.

Therefore please take your medication regularly

Our practice is open as usual. Please check the current acute consultation and opening hours under “News”.

The practice routines continue to take place (e.g. for chronically ill patients, HIV patients, PrEP users, STI checks or treatment). 

We have adapted our procedures to the increased need for protection, therefore we separate the regular procedures from the acutely ill patients:

  • daily from 08.30 a.m.: Routine procedures (taking blood samples etc.)
  • daily from 11.30 am: regular appointments
  • NEW – Video consultation – NEW
  • Thursday from 11.00 a.m.: only occupational medicine

For professional legal reasons we do not give advice by mail. Please have understanding for this and book for example a video consultation

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So far, there is no evidence that pregnant women are more at risk from the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) than the general population.

We have implemented the highest level of technical protection measures through our acrylic glass shielding of staff at reception, doctors’ rooms and laboratories. This means that the entire team is never affected by quarantine measures.
In the event of a quarantine order, the medical care of our chronically ill patients is guaranteed as usual via telephone, video consultation and email within the framework of our pandemic plan.
Urgent home visits will be paid by our partner doctors for this period.

We do not issue “repeat prescriptions”. In principle, since 01.03.2020 it is not possible to prescribe a so-called “repeat prescription”. This is a pure “can” regulation on the part of the treating physician, there is no legal claim. 

It is not assumed that there will be supply shortages of HIV medications in the foreseeable future. The German AIDS Society regularly asks the manufacturers for availability.

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