Practice services at a glance

Preventive programmes (all insurances)

The aim of this screening is to detect common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases or their risk factors at an early stage. We determine your personal risk and provide you with targeted assistance in preventing diseases and their secondary diseases.

More than 260,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. It is the most common form of cancer.

Skin cancer can be detected very easily and – in its early stages – can be treated effectively. Early detection can reduce the severity of the disease. Skin cancer often occurs in highly visible areas like the face. Early detection and treatment is important to prevent abnormalities or even disfigurement.

This examination is offered by the statutory health insurance companies from the age of 50. From the age of 50 to 54, an annual stool test (paper strip test) for occult (invisible) blood is planned. From the age of 55, you are entitled to a total of two preventive colonoscopies. The significance of the colonoscopy is higher than the stool test for occult blood and represents the “gold standard” in colon cancer prevention.

We offer structured prevention programmes (DMP) for people with:

diabetes mellitus
chronic bronchitis (COPD)
Bronchial asthma
Diseases of the coronary arteries (KHK)

Private medical services

It is advisable to have a thorough medical examination before starting work. This will determine your current mental and physical state of health. Accordingly, we can make specific recommendations.

Every person is different and every body needs individual treatment in order to recognise and treat health risks in time. This check-up focuses specifically on the cardiovascular system. The check-up includes the entire cardiovascular diagnostics (lung function, resting ECG, bicycle ergometry), internal laboratory diagnostics, physical examination and a detailed risk assessment in the subsequent consultation.

Only 2.8% of 22 million people over 55 years of age take advantage of the free colonoscopy service and choose the significantly less meaningful stool test for occult blood. With the novel enzyme method M2-PK in the stool, it is possible to detect, among other things, both bleeding and non-bleeding polyps and intestinal tumours. We can diagnose both bleeding and non-bleeding intestinal polyps or tumours with a high degree of accuracy using the combined test of M2-PK and Hb and guide you to a targeted therapy.

  • HIV rapid test
  • Laboratory extension of the checkup examination (e.g. liver values, kidney values and other parameters)
  • Vitamins and trace elements (e.g. vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc), gluten/lactose intolerance, immune status

Travel Medicine

Worldwide, the number of both business and private trips is increasing, and travellers are discovering ever more exotic, distant destinations.
Many companies are unaware that regular compulsory precautions must be taken in the case of business travellers with “activities in the tropics, subtropics and other stays abroad with special climatic conditions and risk of infection”.
Those responsible can commit administrative offences through ignorance or even criminal offences in case of intent.
For example, if an employee’s life and health is deliberately endangered (e.g. malaria), a prison sentence of up to one year is possible.

Our services
Before the start of a journey we advise you in detail about your individual health risks. The risk of infection depends on your general health, the vaccination status, the right prophylaxis (repellents, malaria medication), possible accompanying diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus) and many other factors. Travel medicine is a private medical service, please find out beforehand which services your health insurance company might cover.

The recommended scope of examination includes the initial examination:

We inform you about the necessary vaccinations, medication to be provided and the latest medical travel recommendations.