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Diving Medicine

Diving medicine is a crucial aspect of health care for anyone who is professionally involved in diving or wishes to pursue it as a career. Our diving medical examinations ensure your safety and fitness for this demanding profession.

Diving Medicine

Now, with our Diving Fitness Examination, you can identify potential risks

Diving medicine is a sub-area of ​​occupational medicine and sports medicine and a central part of diving training. It deals with medical research on questions of diving, the prevention and treatment of diving accidents and fitness to dive.

Are you interested in diving or are you already an experienced diver? Before embarking on this adventure, it's always important to check your health. A diving medical examination ensures that you are fit enough to dive safely and without risks.

Health check for safe diving

During the examination, various health aspects are assessed, including cardiovascular function, lung function, ears, sinuses, and overall physical fitness. This examination helps identify potential risks and take necessary precautions to make your diving experience as safe as possible.

If you need more information or want to schedule a diving medical examination, please contact us.

The Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTÜM) recommends a regular diving examination

  • under 18 years: annual medical examination
  • 18 - 39 years: fitness to dive every three years
  • from 40 years: annual fitness to dive
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Contents of the medical examination for divers

  • Medical history and examination
  • Resting ECG, from the age of 41 ergometry (stress ECG)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Advice on pre-existing conditions