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Our teaching practice contributes to part of the university education in the field of general medicine as well as infectious and travel medicine. Furthermore, we provide practical experiences in occupational medicine to aspiring company doctors and volunteer in the training of associations and social organizations.

Teaching practice - Praxisteam Friedrichshain - Berlin
Academic teaching practice of the Charité Berlin

As an academic teaching practice of the Charité Berlin, the Praxisteam Friedrichshain takes over part of the university training of medical students in the fields of general medicine, infectious medicine and travel medicine. As a lecturer in general medicine, I give lectures at the Charité and accompany the students all the way to the examination. We make it possible for students in the practice to learn medicine in a sustainable way directly on the patient.

Partner of the Berlin Medical Association

In the field of occupational medicine, we are a partner of the Berlin Medical Association and enable future company doctors to visit selected companies from our occupational medicine care and to independently implement core tasks of occupational medicine on site at the customer’s premises within the framework of the further training course in occupational medicine.

Our work includes the voluntary further training of associations, social institutions and non-profit organisations such as the Berlin and Brandenburg AIDS-Hilfe and the Märkisches Sozial- und Bildungswerk.