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Travel Medicine

Our travel medicine service provides comprehensive advice on vaccinations and health measures for your destination. Prepare optimally and enjoy your trip worry-free.

Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine Consultation

In our practice, we offer travel medicine consultations together with our experienced team to ensure that you can travel well-prepared and healthy. Our doctors are here to discuss your individual health needs in relation to your travel plans.

Recommended Vaccinations and Health Measures

During the consultation, we will explain the recommended vaccinations, necessary medications, and specific health measures for your destination. Feel free to ask us any questions so that you can be optimally prepared and enjoy your trip without worries.

Your Immunization for the Journey

Our team takes care of scheduling and administering vaccinations, as well as any necessary blood tests, to ensure that you are optimally protected.

Many of the vaccinations are already available in our practice. However, our stock is subject to daily fluctuations, so unfortunately, we cannot reserve vaccinations for you.

Private Medical Service

Travel medicine is a private medical service, so please inquire beforehand about which services your health insurance may cover.