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Social Work

Especially in a specialty practice, patients have the opportunity to talk about their illness and their therapy and to find solutions together with the medical team.

Social Work

Support in every life situation

Problems, challenges and changes can always have an impact on a person’s health.

With the low-threshold offer of a social consultation hour, patients are given the opportunity to talk about problems, challenges and changes in a protected environment known to them.

“Social work promotes social change and the resolution of problems in interpersonal relationships, and it empowers people to make better choices in their lives. Based on scientific knowledge of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes where people interact with their environment. Social work is based on the principles of human rights and social justice.“ [1]

Professional social work in its various forms addresses the manifold and complex relationships between people and their environment. The task is to enable people to develop their full potential, enrich their lives and prevent dysfunctions. Professional social work focuses on problem solving and change.

[1] IFSW – International Federation of Social Workers