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Occupational medical care

Occupational medical care is based on the Occupational Safety Act (ASIG) and Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbschG) as well as the accident prevention regulations (DGUV V2) of the individual employers’ liability insurance associations.

The basis for occupational medical care is provided by the Occupational Safety Act (ASIG) and Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbschG) as well as the accident prevention regulations (DGUV V2) of the individual trade associations. This results in the legally stipulated working hours for your company.

– Regular inspections of the company divisions
– Advice on the use of personal protective equipment at the workplace
– Advice on the ergonomics of the workstations
– Support for the introduction of new working methods

– Occupational medical consultation hours
– Investigating the causes of work-related illnesses and occupational diseases
– Statistical evaluation of the results of the occupational health examination

– Selection of personal protective equipment
– health protection issues at the workplace
– Support in carrying out the risk assessment

– Selection of personal protective equipment, questions of health protection at the workplace
– Advice on company-specific prevention measures
– Advice on rehabilitation and occupational reintegration, occupational psychological advice, nutritional advice, addiction advice, stress assistance and smoking cessation

Modern occupational medicine encompasses more than just compliance with legal obligations – it is a comprehensive care concept for your company, which is geared towards the promotion and maintenance of the health of your employees by recording the psychological and physical strain at the workplace. Our practice offers you long-term, up-to-date specialist medical care for your company.

– Advice on company-specific preventive measures
– Extensive support in the preparation of a grant assessment
– Occupational psychological counselling

– Stress analyses “Mental health”
– Nutritional advice
– Addiction counselling
– Stress reduction and management
– Smoking cessation
– Management training

– Advice on rehabilitation and occupational reintegration

We offer structured prevention programmes (DMP) for people with:

diabetes mellitus
chronic bronchitis (COPD)
Bronchial asthma
Diseases of the coronary arteries (KHK)

Preventive examinations and check-ups

Occupational medical check-ups are carried out to ensure the early detection and prevention of work-related illnesses. The employer is obliged to provide health care for his employees (Occupational Health and Safety Act).

According to the ArbmedVV, preventive medical checkups are mainly required for
  1. Activities involving hazardous substances, damp work, welding
  2. Targeted and non-selective activities involving biological agents, including genetic engineering work on human pathogenic organisms (human pathogens)
  3. activities involving physical agents: heat stress, cold stress, exposure to noise, vibrations, compressed air, diving
  4. Wearing breathing apparatus
  5. Activities with significantly increased physical strain
  6. Work on display screen equipment
  7. Activities in the tropics, subtropics and other stays abroad with special climatic conditions and risks of infection
Special examinations under other laws:
  1. Night workers or shift workers with night work (Working Time Act)
  2. Youth Employment Protection Act
  3. Maternity Protection Act
  4. Working in compressed air (Compressed Air Ordinance)
  5. Suitability for diving
  6. Luftverkehrszulassungsordnung (LuftVZO): The examination of cabin crew pilots
  7. Medical examination – Class II pilots – applying to the LBA
  8. X-ray and Radiation Protection Ordinance (RöV, StrlSchV)
Aptitude Tests:

As an employer, you may only deploy your employees after you have verified their suitability. In this case, you will fulfil your duty of care and guarantee the safety of third parties.

  1. DIN EN 473 or DIN EN 4179 (annual eye test)
  2. Railway construction and operating regulations (EBO)
  3. Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV): -see transport medicine –
  4. Company regulations for road passenger transport companies (BOKraft)
  5. Company regulations for trams (BOStrab)
  6. Inland Navigation Loyalty Regulation and Rhine Navigation Loyalty Regulation
  7. Fire brigade service regulation for respiratory protection (FwDV 7)
  8. Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV): for pest control (Annex III No. 4) and fumigation (Annex III No. 5)
  9. Fitness for Sea Service Ordinance (SeeDTauV)
  10. Explosives Ordinance (1. SprengV)

Equivalence list of G-examinations / Occupational health precautionary reasons

Equivalence list G-principles / occasions


Cost absorption for a company without contract

Cost absorption for a company without contract